September 28, 2005

Cookie Dough Tip

Since my husband and I are the only members of our household, cookie recipes that yield dozens of cookies are a little impractical. Unfortunately, they are often hard to cut down. I have come up with this solution. We both love freshly baked cookies and baked cookies (even in Tupperware) have a fairly short shelf life. Instead of baking all of the cookies in a recipe at once we just make as many cookies as we want at one time then store the remaining dough in the refrigerator until the cookie mood strikes again. Depending on the type of cookie, the dough can keep for weeks. You can put them right in the oven cold from the refrigerator, adjusting the cooking time to a minute or so longer than the original recipe called for.


  1. My parents also scoop the cookie dough onto a sheet with wax paper (like you'd bake them), and then freeze the balls on the sheet. They then can be stored in a zip-lock bag frozen and ready to go.

    They're also really, really good fresh out of the freezer...

  2. I always roll my leftover cookie dough into a log and freeze it. Its really easy to cut that way, and the cookies can go right into the oven.


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