Coconut Lime Icing

1 cup confections’ sugar
¾ cup sweetened, flaked coconut
3 tablespoons butter, at room temperature
2 tablespoons buttermilk
1 tablespoon lime juice
zest of one lime


In a small bowl, combine butter,zest and sugar throughly. Add buttermilk and lime juice. Mix on high 1 minute until well mixed Spread over cooled cupcakes. Sprinkle each cake with coconut.

My thoughts:

This icing is barely more than a glaze but has a very strong lime flavor. You can see the flecks of zest peeking out when you bite into the cupcake. This icing is excellent on buttermilk lime cupcakes.


  1. When I saw the picture of the cupcake and its icing, I said, ‘That’s for me!’. I do love lime and I love coconut. And they’re even better together. I’ll be sure to try this recipe some time.

  2. All of these recipes look wonderful! But I am going to try a short cut. I am going to make a box yellow cake mix as cupcakes, then after they cool, I am going to make some instant vanilla pudding and flavor it with some Lime jello powder. I will then use a melon baller and scoop out some of the cupcake center and fill with the lime filling. Next, I am going to flavor some pre-made vanilla or cream cheese icing with coconut extract, ice the cupcakes, and sprinkle the tops with flaked coconut!

    I have’nt tried this yet, but it sounds good in my head! I’ll be making this desert along with my Pina Colada dip and Margarita shrimp cocktails for a playgroup next week! I’m hoping we’ll alll feel like we’re on a tropical vacation!

  3. I have been wanting to make a coconut and lime confection for a while now, and I am so happy I came across this blog!

    I'm making the cupcakes and the icing right now and I'm hoping they come out as good as they look in your pics!

  4. Jaime – why bother with shortcuts if you're on a recipe site? Just take the time and do it right! And by the way that sounds GROSS.

    I just made this recipe and it's fantastic. The texture of the cupcakes is great and the tang and sweet of the icing is perfect. Put a dash of green dye in for St. Patty's Day and VOILA!