May 23, 2006

Lemon Sticks

1 lemon, cut in half along the equator
2 cane sugar peppermint sticks

Place one peppermint stick in the middle of one lemon half. Repeat. Suck lemon juice through the peppermint stick and be oddly refreshed.
My thoughts:
Odd as it may seem, the peppermint stick/lemon combo is a Baltimore tradition found only at the Baltimore Flower Mart (where it began) and other local festivals. It's just a regular lemon and a regular old fashioned cane sugar peppermint stick. Even though there is no hole in the peppermint, you are able to suck the juice through the candy as the lemon juice begins to eat away at the peppermint. No one seems to know how that this tradition got started but all agree that it has been around for decades. I have never come across this anywhere else and non-natives seem puzzled by it, but it really is a refreshing treat on a hot Spring day.
Due to popular demand: I found these histories and stories about lemon sticks if anyone is interested.