Shrimp Salad

3 lb freshly steamed, peeled shrimp*
1 stalk celery, diced
3 tablespoons mayonnaise
2 tablespoons Old Bay seasoning
1 teaspoon celery seed

Place shrimp, celery and mayo in a large bowl, stir to coat. Sprinkle with seasonings and fold to distribute evenly. Serve on crackers, bread or as is.

*I like to steam shrimp for shrimp salad in plain water. Adding seasonings at that point doesn’t add much to the flavor and makes the shrimp more difficult to peel.

My thoughts:

Many shrimp salad recipes call for onions, peppers, dill, lemon juice, and/or hard boiled eggs but I think all of those “extras” distract from the true star of the dish: the juicy shrimp. I think the celery and celery seed area all the crisp flavor accents this dish needs. Being from Baltimore, I am also extremely fond of Old Bay seasoning and think it too brings out the best in shrimp.


  1. hmm, i don’t think i’ve ever had anything with old bay, let alone used it. would you describe it as similar to anything else? is it hot, or warm, or…?

  2. Old Bay is a seasoning, sort of spicy, it’s used to season steamed crabs and a lot of seafood.


  3. This looked so good and simple to make that we had it for dinner last night. We plopped it down on a spring mix salad. It was perfect. We forgot what 3lbs of shrimp will cost ya’ at the store, though. So we froze half of the shrimps for the next time we need a quick meal.

  4. Sigh. Recipes like this remind of me why I so wish I weren’t allergic to shrimp.

  5. Your recipes look delicious, and simple too. I love your site layout and can’t imagine how you got a Blogger blog to look so good. Keep it up!