Kiwi Pineapple Smoothie

4-6 kiwi (depending on size)
8 oz plain yogurt
6 oz pineapple juice
dollop of golden syrup

Place all ingredients in a blender. Pulse until smooth. Divide among two 8 oz glasses or pour into one really big glass and serve.

My thoughts:

The other day I asked my friend Heather for ways to use up extra juice and she suggested making a smoothie. When she said that I realized that I don’t think I’ve drank a smoothie before. I’ve seen them, but I think I’ve always associated them with over ripe bananas (which I abhor) and stayed away. Heather reassured me that they can be made with banana free and with yogurt so when I found myself with 6 kiwi on the verge of spoiling, I thought I’d give smoothies a shot. I was a little worried-in addition to my aversion to over ripe bananas, I am also find it difficult to drink large amounts of liquids at one time-but it was great. It had a fresh kiwi flavor, used up a can of pineapple juice I’ve had since I made pineapple cupcakes last June, and I felt virtuous and healthy while drinking it. The recipe did yield a lot of beverage and next time I make it, I will wait until there is some one around to share it with, but it was good enough to make me rethink my avoidance of the smoothie.


  1. Smoothies are great. Especially for an on the go lite lunch. Plus when you make them at home you can make them to suit your tastes. I agree on the banana thing though. I like bananas but not in my smoothie as the entire thing ends up tasting like banana with a hint of fruit.

    My favorites are yogurt lemonade and some berries. YUM! I haven’t made one in awhile.

  2. Susan from Food Blogga

    Rachel, that is just spring time in a glass! I love every flavor in it! And as a devoted smoothie drinker, you can be sure I”ll be making this one. Refreshing and delicious!

  3. oh a kiwi smooooothie! that sounds wonderful! i love your glass too 🙂

  4. You’ve never had a smoothie before? That’s madness! I’m glad you tried one and I’m glad you enjoyed it. Kiwi and pineapple sound like a great combination. I like to use frozen berries and vanilla yogurt when I make smoothies.

  5. I made my first homemade smoothie last week with a just-about-to-die banana and some frozen mixed fruit. I wasn’t that thrilled with the banana-y taste – excited to see I won’t have to use them next time!

  6. that looks soooo good. rachel, i have no idea how to contact you. I want to share a recipe iwth you in thanks for all you have given me that i think you will like. it uses limes *smiles*

    you have made me start cooking again… years ago i would make asian pork stuffed oranges and other things.. then i stopped cooking. Now…thanks to your blog..and perhaps our tastes in common, i am cooking once more. Thank you.

  7. You are really into kiwi. Looks very refreshing…I think I will splash rum in mine 🙂

  8. Catclan: FYI: contact info is on the side column. My email address is coconutlimeblog @ I’d love to hear from you!

  9. Peabody: it seems that way, doesn’t it? We keep picking up super cheap (it seems a waste not to get it @ $2 for 3 lb, when normally it is $1 a kiwi) and then we have to think of ways to use it up!

  10. Rachel,
    what a great idea for a smoothie. I can’t wait to try this. I use “typical” fruit… and kiwi sounds like such a nice way and so colorful.
    yet another day of good ideas from you!

    you are so creative….

  11. Lisa Fain (Homesick Texan)

    Welcome to the world of smoothies! I live on them in the summer when it’s just too dang hot to cook anything and fresh fruit is in abundance. So cooling and delicious!

  12. Welcome to the world of smoothies! I love them every which way, and yours looks so refreshing and bright!

    I also abhor over-ripe bananas. In fact I won’t eat a fresh banana if it has a single brown spot on it. But, I love freezing ripe bananas for smoothies and food processor “ice creams” – it doesn’t have that ripe banana flavor, I promise!

  13. {blush} I just realized I should probably read the other comments so I don’t end up repeating what the previous person said verbatim! {blush}

  14. Bazu: It happens! Great minds!

  15. I love smoothies. It’s the washing up of the bitty machine afterwords that annoys me. This looks so yummy though, I may just have to give in and make it.