June 18, 2007

Rhubarb Soda

4 stalks rhubarb, chopped
1 cup sugar
1 cup water

club soda

In a small pan, bring the rhubarb, sugar and water to a boil. Lower heat and stir occasionally until the sugar has dissolved and the mixtures has reduced into a light syrup, about 10 minutes. Strain through a mesh strainer and press the rhubarb bits* (they will be pretty mushy) with the back of a spoon to release all of the juices into a bowl. Add about a tablespoon (or more to taste) of the syrup to the bottom of each cup and top with club soda. Serve immediately.

Yield: about 3/4 cup of syrup

*I sort of like to eat the leftover mashed rhubarb rather than throw it away, but you can certainly just toss it.

My thoughts:
As someone who doesn't like water and doesn't like to drink juice with meals, club soda is my fallback beverage. While the bubbles momentarily fool me into thinking that it is more than just water, it is still pretty plain and boring to drink day after day, especially in the summer when my beverage consumption triples. Enter the homemade soda. My new favorite flavor to make is rhubarb. Just barely sweet, and with a clear rhubarb taste it is the perfect beverage when you don't want plain water but when regular soda or juice is just too much.