Pineapple-Chile Paletas

12-16 oz fresh pineapple, cut into chunks
1 dried chile guajillo, seeds removed freshly ground
3/4 cup pineapple juice
1 teaspoon chipolte chile powder
1 tablespoon sugar (if needed)
juice of 1 lime

Add 3/4 of the pineapple chunks, all of the pineapple juice, chile guajillo, sugar, lime juice and chipolte powder in blender and pulse until almost smooth. Stir in remaining pineapple chunks. Divide evenly into ice pop molds, leaving a 1/4 inch at the top for expansion. Seal and freeze until solid.

Quick note: For this recipe, it would be fine to substitute canned pineapple in juice for the fresh.

Yield: This will depend in how large your molds are. You could also use cups and wooden sticks if you don’t have actual ice pop molds. I personally prefer the smaller sized and liquid tight Tupperware Ice Tups but there are a wide variety of molds available in various sizes on Amazon.

My thoughts:

Paletas are Latin American ice pops that are usually made from fresh fruit and often contain chiles. I am actually not much of a ice pop person (in direct contrast to my husband who is absolutely Popsicle addicted) but I find paletas completely irresistible. I think I love these pineapple ones most of all, but I also have a special fondness for cucumber-lime-chile and pickle paletas* as well. There is something very refreshing about a cool pop that has a bit of spice to it.

Even tiny dachshunds can’t resist the allure of the pineapple and chile combination.

*I might be convinced to post a recipe for these too, if there was some interest.


  1. They sound beyond yummy… and the cucumber-lime-chile and pickle paletas sound like something my husband would love, one of his favorite summertime snacks is cucumber doused with lime juice and a dash of chipolte powder.

  2. Cool! I hope I still have my popsicle molds.

  3. Totally interested in both the cucumber-like-chile and pickle paleta recipies.
    There used to be lollypops that were pineapple chile flavored, but I don’t know what happened to them 🙁

  4. Doggie! I like the sound of these pops. Nice summer treat. I’m not a huge pop eater. So cold on my teeth, but I really like the flavor combination!

  5. Cucumber-lime-chile pops sound wonderful! I would love to see the recipe for those. 🙂

  6. Yum! When living in Ghana, my husband and I frequently made homemade fruit pops. This combo sounds great!

  7. (Oh please forgive me for doing this, Rachel but I can’t help myself…)

    Can I haz papsikl?

    Seriously, that’s a fascinating recipe. And I love the photo of the dog. Almost electric!

  8. The Baltimore Babe

    These sound and look divine.

  9. I’d love to see that pineapple recipe! My husband is addicted to popsicles as well.

  10. These look awesome, though I am a tad disappointed that they aren’t an imitation of the lollipop-style Jolly Rancher chili paletas you found last year. I got so addicted to those and *poof* they were gone.

  11. I love making popsicles. I usually just freeze some apple juice though (which of course you wouldn’t do since you don’t like it). These sound great!

  12. I would like to see the recipe, but I am more interested in more dachshund pictures. My dachshunds get their own “popscicles” (yogurt and peanut butter or fruit mixed and frozen in ice cube trays. They alway bite my popscicles and make a mess when I share)

  13. That’s easy, tons of doxie (and whippet, and pug) pictures here.
    I love the dogsicle idea!

  14. Lol @ John…

    Pineapple, lime and chilli sounds amazing, perfect for summer. A very grown-up popsicle…And what a gorgeous dog 🙂

  15. I’d love the cucumber-lime-chile ones. Sounds tastey.

  16. So glad to see this post (and would love the recipe). I’ve been sort of obsessed with them lately. . .

  17. I used to get these when I lived in San Diego – one of my favorites was arroz – like eating frozen rice pudding on a stick.

  18. Theresa in Mèrida

    I don’t like the cucumber chile paletas,our favs are mango,coconut and strawberry & cream paletas. Oh, and the chocolate ones dipped in coco are good too. The worst ones are the ones rolled in rice crispies and the ones with candy spangles. Ice cream is awful here, the texture is yucky so it’s paletas and sorbets for us. I think a mango/chamoy combo or a tamerindo/chile would rock though.

    I’ve never seen a pickle paleta but then again I just found some pickles in the grocery store that other day, not in the expensive, foreign food section either!


  19. Ohhh, these look really interesting. I would never thing to put chile in a popsicle! I’ve been downing popsicles like a mad-woman these days (it’s been very hot where I live), and you’ve inspired me to create my own!

  20. Real Live Lesbian

    I *just* made dulce de leche paletas last night!

    Thanks for posting this recipe. I can't wait to try the pineapple-chile ones!