November 14, 2009

Thanksgiving, Coconut & Lime Style

Starting on Nov. 16th, I will be posting (coordinating) Thanksgiving day recipes starting with side dishes and cranberry sauce. The following week will include turkey and stuffing. Look for Thanksgiving leftover recipes starting Thanksgiving day.

Can't wait? Take a moment and check out some of my favorite Thanksgiving recipes from the past five years.

Turkey recipes:
I've never ended up with a dried out turkey. Check out tangerine scented roasted turkey, apple cider basted turkey, quick roasted turkey, brined turkey for turkey perfection.

Stuffing recipes:
I have a unique way of making stuffing and I've created a few variations over the years. Try pecan stuffing, rosemary-sage stuffing, onion & celery stuffing or crimini unstuffing.

Cranberry sauce recipes:
We love apple cider cranberry sauce, ginger-lime cranberry sauce, tangerine-cranberry sauce, classic cranberry sauce and even homemade jellied cranberry sauce.

Side Dishes:
Choose from Slow cooked rosemary garlic mashed potatoes, potato-celeriac mash, mashed potato gratin, apple cider glazed butternut squash, Brussels sprouts with potatoes and balsamic-Dijon dressing, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts & crimini saute or thyme smashed potatoes

Try ginger spiced sweet potato pie with a pecan crust or heirloom apple pie with a cheddar-black pepper crust

Leftover ideas:
Use up your leftover cranberry sauce by making this yummy cranberry ribbon cake, cranberry cheesecake squares or muffins.

Use up leftover turkey in tortilla soup, Thai noodle salad with turkey and shrimp, turkey enchiladas, turkey kasha varniska, and turkey gumbo.