Turkey Chivito Wraps

1 lb roasted turkey breast, sliced
4 thin slices mozzarella cheese
1/4 cup sliced grape tomatoes
4 slices thinly sliced ham
3 hard-boiled eggs, sliced
8 slices thick cut bacon, cooked
1/3 cup roughly chopped green olives
sea salt
freshly ground black pepper

4 wraps (plain or flavored)

Spread a thin layer of mayonnaise in the wrap leaving a 2-inch border. In center of wraps, layer equal amounts of all ingredients. For each wrap, fold two sides of wrap over filling, then roll tightly, ending seam side down.

My thoughts:

This summer I became obsessed with sandwiches from around the world. I made several and my favorite was the chivito, the national sandwich of Uruguay. The original sandwich calls for steak but when I was thinking of alternative turkey sandwiches, I thought turkey would be a wonderful, lighter substitution. Since I wasn’t making a hot sandwich, I thought I’d make another change: turn it into a wrap. I hadn’t actually made a wrap before! I’d eaten them before but for some reason, it never occurred to me to make them at home. I didn’t realize it before but the tortillas for wraps are more pliable and “sticky” than the kind I buy for burritos or tacos. This makes total sense of course but was exciting anyway, one of the reasons I was a little hesitant of making wraps was that seemed like they’d unroll or something. It seems silly to admit that now!

After all that I’m glad my hunch was correct, the chivito works well both with turkey and as a wrap! Even better than the original, it doesn’t need to be served hot and holds up very well for hours, perfect for taking in lunches.

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