Cara Cara Orangeade

1 1/2 cups Cara Cara orange juice (from about 6 large Cara Cara oranges)
juice from 1 large lemon
2 1/2 cups cold water
simple syrup


Add the orange and lemon juice and water to a large pitcher. Stir in syrup to taste. Serve cold.

My thoughts:

I just got back from Birmingham, AL where I took an extended weekend to not only attend FoodBlogSouth but to further explore the city. There is so much I loved about Birmingham, but one of the little things I enjoyed most was the abundance of lemonade and at Gilchrist, a lunch counter where I had a great pimento BLT, limeade. Although the waitresses I encountered seemed stunned I did not want sweet tea, they were placated by my acceptance of the ‘ade. Drinks are serious business there! Nearly every (casual) restaurant gave us huge cups full of crushed ice along with the beverage of our choice and would re-fill your cup as you paid so you could take it with you. I already miss that crushed ice. Anyway! I came home and was faced with a ton of Cara Cara oranges we had bought right before we left. They were still fine but I couldn’t see how I could eat them all in time. So orangeade it is!

I actually didn’t have orangeade in Birmingham but there used to be a hot dog place inside of a flower shop in downtown Baltimore which had the best pretzel dogs and fresh squeezed lemonade, limeade and orangeade. Lighter than orange juice, orangeade is the perfect non-soda soft drink. Make it now while oranges are in season!

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  1. I miss the Flowershop/Hotdog Stand. Nikki and I were just talking about it a week ago. LoL

  2. Cheri Savory Spoon

    What a beautiful color, looks delicious!