January 06, 2014

Matt's Asian Fusion Crabcakes with Indonesian-Influenced Tartar Sauce


for the crabcakes:
2 lbs lump crab, checked for shell
2 slices of bread, crusts removed and torn into small pieces
1 cup minced garlic chives (or green onions/scallions)
2 tablespoons Dijon mustard
1 tablespoon grated fresh ginger
1 tablespoon lemongrass paste*
1 tablespoon soy sauce
1 teaspoon ground galangal (or 2 teaspoons grated fresh galangal root)
4 Thai bird's eye chili peppers, minced
1 small shallot, minced
2 teaspoon lemon pepper seasoning
2 eggs, beaten
matzah meal or breadcrumbs (optional)
canola oil for frying

for the sauce:
1/2 cup mayo
1 1/2 tablespoons capers
1 teaspoon minced ginger
1 teaspoon lemongrass paste*
1 teaspoon sambal oelek
1/2 teaspoon granulated garlic
1 small shallot


for the crabcakes:
Mix all ingredients except the matzoh meal. The mixture should be easy to form into small balls, a bit larger than a golf ball. If the mixture is too wet to form into balls, add some matzah meal or breadcrumbs. Flatten the balls slightly. Heat about 1/4-1/2 inch oil in a 12-14 inch skillet. Panfry the crabcakes until golden brown, flipping once, about 8 minutes. Drain on paper towel-lined plates. Serve hot.

for the sauce:

Stir together all ingredients. Refrigerate at least 30 minutes prior to serving.

*This comes in a tube. Look for it near herbs in the produce aisle. Or substitute an equal amount of minced fresh lemongrass

My thoughts:
In our quest to come up with some '90s food for our '90s night we found a lot of fusion dishes. Matt had the idea to combine a Baltimore favorite, crabcakes, with pan-Asian ingredients to form the perfect, savory, spicy, crabcake.

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