May 04, 2014

In the Garden with Rachel #2: Urban Apple Trees

An update in my adventures in edible gardening!

It has rained and rained all week here in Baltimore. It has been rough! Our backyard is prone to flooding and pools of water during heavy rains and in some places there were about 3-4 inches of standing water. Luckily it is sunny now and I hope it stays that way for awhile. The rain was particularly annoying because most of our trees and flowers were in bloom; our mock apples, the cherry tree, the dogwood, the ornamental plum, redbud, tulips, daffodils were all blooming at once and we did not get to go outside and enjoy them at all. Now they are sodden and dropping their blossoms.

One tree that is looking pretty peppy is the apple tree Matt planted last year. Pictured above, it is an interesting variety designed by a Czech Republic scientist that is made for urban areas. Rather than growing very tall and wide, it stays relatively short (only 8-10 feet tall) and quite narrow (only 2 feet wide!). It is supposed to encourage people to grow trees with edible fruit in congested, urban areas. We planted two different varieties but only one is blooming now. I'm a bit worried it won't get properly pollinated because I'd like apples this year (and apple recipes to share with you!). Hopefully all will be well. Gardening can be quite nerve-wracking.

If you are interesting in planting a short, skinny apple tree of your own, look for it at your local nursery under the name "Urban Columnar Apple".

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