May 11, 2014

In the Garden with Rachel #3: Beach Plums

Last year we planted something that I am especially excited about: beach plums! Seldom, they are native to East Coast from Maine to Maryland. They are short bushes that normally grow along the water, but they can be grown in backyards and since ours is so prone to flooding, perfect for us! I like a plant that can stand up to a little water.

We planted four last year, but it looks like one isn't doing as well, it has a few leaves but no flowers and is very small. Honestly, I'm happy it was only one bush left in peril, the other three look great, considering how freakish the weather has been in Maryland this past year. They are only in bloom now, but I am looking forward to trying to make something with their unique plums which range in size from "normal plum" to cherry sized and itsy bitsy, even on the same bush. I found a cookbook, Plum Crazy: A Book About Beach Plums, (possibly the only beach plum book out there) last year and I look forward to making something with beach plums this year. Last year the bushes were really small but we did get a few tiny, tart plums. This year I am hoping for a harvest!