Old Bay Chive Cheese Grits

2 cups yellow stone-ground grits
6 cups water or chicken stock
2/3 cup grated Dubliner cheese
2 tablespoons Old Bay
1/4 (loose) cup chopped chives
freshly ground black pepper


In a medium pot, bring the water or stock and Old Bay to a boil. Add the grits and stir continually for about 10 minutes or until all the broth is absorbed. Remove from the heat and stir in the cheese and chives. Serve immediately.

My thoughts:

Grits aren’t super popular in Baltimore. The occasional diner might offer them and shrimp and grits are in a few restaurants but they aren’t as ubiquitous as they are further south. This is such a shame! They are so quick to make, even the “regular” ones and not the “quick cook” kind and make a great base to top with other yummy ingredients or to serve as a side. I took gave these a Baltimore flair by adding Old Bay. The addition of cheese makes them richer but not too heavy and the chives from my garden gave a nice garlicy note.

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