Mediterranean-Inspired Tuna Chickpea Salad Pita Sandwiches

2 5-oz cans solid white tuna packed in water, drained
7-oz cooked chickpeas
2-3 tablespoons capers
1/4 cup diced red onion
1/2 tablespoon tahini*
1 1/2 tablespoons dill weed
1/4 teaspoon dried mint
1/3 cup whole plain Greek yogurt
freshly ground black pepper

to serve:
4 hard-boiled eggs, sliced
1 cup (loose) watercress
1 tomato, sliced
pita (4-6)

In a medium bowl, flake the tuna with a fork. Add the chickpeas, capers and red onion. Stir. Set aside.

In a small bowl, whisk together the tahini, spices, and yogurt until smooth. Pour over the tuna mixture and stir to evenly distribute all ingredients.

Fill pita halves with egg slices, watercress, and tomato. Serve immediately.

*A good alternative to tahini in this that I love is sesame Goddess dressing. Annie’s Naturals makes it but I buy the knock-off at Aldi. Use it to taste (I use about 2-3 tablespoons and slightly less yogurt).

My thoughts:

I do love a good tuna salad sandwich. I remember my mom sending it in my packed lunch packed separately from the bread or crackers so it didn’t get soggy. It is easy to make and pretty filling but it can be boring week after week. This week I had a ton of ingredients leftover from NYE dishes we made so I decided to branch out and be a bit fancy. My husband bought these new-to-us pita squares (Toufayan Smart Pockets) at the grocery store last week and I really like them. They are square, sturdy, and pre-cut so sandwich filling fits in them so much better than round, thin pita. Even wet fillings like this one. Such a simple thing but so much easier! Of course, any wrap, homemade or store-bought pita would be fine.

This is definitely a hearty, filling, protein-rich sandwich! Surprisingly, it does not tasty heavy at all! The fresh tomato and the yogurt dressing really lighten it up and the dill weed, mint and capers pack a lot of flavor.

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  1. I will definitely try this as an upgrade to my standard tuna sandwiches. In the words of Vince "Slap Chop Guy" Offer: "Stop having a boring tuna, stop having a boring life!" P.S. Realized I've weirdly never used dried mint. Easy to find? Best to dry your own?

  2. LOL!

    Dried mint is easy to find, I just use McCormick. I have dried my own but I don’t think it makes that much of a difference.