spicy tiuna kimbap

Patreon Announcement


spicy tiuna kimbap

I’ve talked a lot about my goal to write a cookbook about preserved fish featuring recipes using tinned, canned, jarred, pickled, smoked, and salted seafood. I still have that goal but I was told that during these “uncertain” times there isn’t enough of a US market for such a book. I don’t think that’s true! What better time than a pandemic to use ingredients that will be good to eat weeks, months and even years after you purchased them in fun, fresh and interesting ways?

I’ve decided to start a Patreon account. Each month I will share up to two new, original, preserved seafood recipes with supporters as well as a newsletter.

The first recipe up is the spicy tuna kimbap/gimbap pictured above. Join now to unlock this recipe and all of the ones to come.

Check out my Patreon page here.


I will continue sharing free, ad-free original non-tinned fish recipes here as I have been since 2004. That won’t change. But if you are interested in supporting my work or are a seafood lover like I am, please consider becoming a supporter. It helps offset the considerable costs of running this blog and helps me.

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