Green Tomato Crumb Cake

I’m excited to share that my Green Tomato Cake recipe was #6 of the top 10 recipes on Food52 in July! It was posted at the very end of the month so that’s even more exciting. I’m in some great company!

I wrote the recipe after becoming interested in what I’ve been thinking of as “forgotten fruit desserts” I came across in newspaper archives. Lots of buckles, betties and slumps. Desserts and snacks we don’t see a lot on today’s tables but are tasty and maybe should be brought back.

I wrote a book proposal and an agent tried to sell it. I’m not sure if she really got the appeal of the book and we didn’t have any luck. But I loved it kept creating recipes. I have over half a book’s worth of recipes!

On a whim I pitched one to Food52 and they accepted it.

You can now read my thoughts about this cake and make it yourself!

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