1. Oh wow does that sound good. My husband made a baileys whip cream recently. That was yummy, but this sounds even better.

  2. If confectioner’s sugar like icing sugar? A very fine white sugar?

  3. Yes, very fine, like a powder.

  4. I wonder what the alcohol content is? Sounds yummy. Suitable for kids?

  5. Is the icings consistency ok to pipe?

  6. Jo- can give it a try! I didn’t pipe it myself.

  7. This looks great, but can I ask, is the consistancy of this more like a traditional icing (ie: icing sugar, milk, cocoa powder for chocolate icing) or is it more taste/consistancy of the buttercream frostings made with cream-cheese? I just ask because it looks quite creamy & fluffy in the pic.

  8. magikalcrab-
    I am not quite sure I understand your question. I don’t know what a buttercream icing made with cream cheese icing is since traditionally buttercream icings do not contain cream cheese, but there is no cream cheese in this recipe so it certainly doesn’t taste like cream cheese. This is just a basic icing, not fondant, not cooked or whipped in any way.

  9. I made this for some Guinness Stout Brownies I made for a super bowl party and it seemed to behave more like a glaze than an icing….not that I mind but I just wondered if that was normal?

  10. No. This recipe makes the thick icing pictured.