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Please click though to find the answers to my most commonly asked questions and scroll down for answers about permissions and commenting. Feel free to email me at coconutlimeblog or ask questions at formspring.

Basic information about what specific brands and ingredients I use in my recipes.

Answers to ingredient related questions.

Answers to general recipe, cooking and measurement questions.

Answers to questions about the site and recipe development.

Answers to questions about product reviews.

My professional site,, has my portfolio, list of services, and links to press about me and Coconut & Lime.

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Questions about permissions:

I made your recipe and want to post it to my blog. What should I do?
I am glad you enjoyed my recipe enough to want to post about it! Please credit me and Coconut & Lime and post a direct link to the recipe. Do not post or directly reproduce the actual recipe or picture(s) on your blog or website.

Your site says that I can not post or publish your recipes without your permission. Does this mean I can not print them out at home to use when I cook?
Of course you can print them out for home use. What you cannot do is include them in a cookbook (including private or community publications) or post them on your blog or website without permission. If you made the recipe and want to share it with your readers, link to the original post on my site don’t cut and paste it onto your blog.   Use of those recipes are for personal and non-profit use only. Please contact me regarding licensing fees for any for-profit use.

All recipes posted here are for personal, non-profit generating use only. This means you can not use my recipes in your restaurant, bakery, bed & breakfast, catering company, book, magazine, website, blog or as a contest entry with the intent to turn a profit. They can, of course, be used to create meals in your own personal kitchens. If you would like to post about the recipe in your own personal blog, please link directly to the recipe rather than reposting the recipe in its entirety.

Get in Touch
If you would like to would like to reprint one of my recipes or photographs please contact me at coconutlimeblog @

Questions about Comments and E-mails:

I left a comment and now it is gone. What happened?
I generally don’t delete comments. However, if it is spam, unclear/incoherent, not relevant to the post, false, inappropriate, abusive, asks a question covered in the FAQ, appears to be made in duplicate, to be solely self promotional or made in error, it will be deleted. Comments should not include links to products or services that have no relation to the recipe. The comments section of a recipe is not the place to lecture me or my readers on fitness, nutrition, or health issues.

Private or off topic comments and/or questions that require a response are best e-mailed to me directly. It is easy to miss a question asked in a comment.

I have comment moderation enabled, your comment will only be posted after approval so there may be some delay between when you post the comment and when I get a chance to approve it.

Why do you have comment moderation?
I allow anonymous comments to encourage nonbloggers to comment and as a result I get dozens of spam comments a day. It is much easier (and quicker!) to approve the comments as they come in rather than go back and delete spam comments from individual posts. It also helps reduce the number of erroneous or duplicate comments appearing on the site.

I e-mailed you and didn’t get a response. What happened?
I try to reply to every email within 24 hours. However, I get upwards of a hundred blog related e-mails a day and it can be difficult to keep up. If a number of days have gone by and you still haven’t received a response, feel free to e-mail me again; I might not have received it and/or it might have been accidentally filtered out as spam.

I asked a question in the comments section and it wasn’t answered. What happened?
Please e-mail me directly if you have a question that needs to be answered. As a rule I do not answer questions that are covered in the FAQ section. I prefer that you e-mail me the questions directly-back and forth conversations in the comments sections are very time consuming and your question might not be of general interest. It is also easy for me to miss a question in a comment.

Quick note: Google is your friend! A lot of the more general questions I am asked (what’s the exact address of that store you mentioned, where can I buy XXX, what are lumpia wrappers, what’s the difference between light and dark soy sauce) can be answered via a quick Google search. While I don’t mind answering these questions and will try to get back to you as soon as possible, it is almost always quicker to look for the answer yourself. I’d also like to remind you to read each post carefully before asking a question, frequently the answer can be found in the recipe’s directions or in my notes and thoughts.

Privacy Policy:
In the instance that any information is collected (e-mail addresses, names etc) it is not shared, sold or rented to anyone unless ordered by a court of law.

If you receive e-mails or messages from Coconut & Lime and/or Rachel Rappaport it is because you have provided your e-mail address for the purpose of receiving information in the future such as site updates or announcements.


  1. These are so helpful. I’m surprised someone asked if the apple cider is hard cider. I had a bad hard cider experience once, and won’t drink that at all. I also dislike cantalope and raisins and don’t typically include nuts in my baking. No wonder I like all of your recipes.

  2. Ug…I had ‘natural’ peanutbutter this morning…had to add sugar to it!! lol

  3. And if Peter Pan is not someones, first – or fifth – choice?

    (Even before the recent warning…)

  4. Anon: Feel free use whatever peanut butter you like. I haven’t found that natural peanut butter works well in baking, but I am sure there is some brand that must. As for other “commercial” brands, I personally don’t care for Skippy, Jiff and the rest so I don’t use them. I will say that the recipes I use peanut butter in (and I have to say, I don’t post many) the brand I use is Peter Pan and therefore I can not make any claims to the results that might occur using another brand.

    I also like Peanut Butter & Co but it is a bit more difficult to find, so I have never used it for baking. But if you are in the market for a good peanut butter, they are a good choice.

    I also want to make it clear that I am not trying to promote any particular brand (and I certainly don’t benefit in anyway in doing so) of any food. I always encourage people to try things on their own using whatever they have on hand or are comfortable with. On the other hand, I have gotten dozens of emails from readers wanting to know what exactly what brand or product I used in various recipes so I posted that information here in case anyone is interested.