Cinco de Mango Margaritas

2 mangos, cubed
2 limes, juiced
1 cup of tequila
2 cups ice
ginger syrup to taste

Place all ingredients in a blender and pulse until smooth. Serve or keep cold in an ice cream maker. Makes about 4 margaritas.

My thoughts:

I wish I could take credit for Cinco de Mango, but in actuality it was the National Mango Board (how cool is it that the US even has a mango board?) who came up with it. Recently they offered to send me a special “Cinco de Mango” box containing one mango, one lime, a margarita glass and coarse salt-in short, everything you need to make a mango margarita except the tequilla. How could I pass that up? They also sent a basic mango margarita recipe (mango, lime juice, triple sec and tequilla) but we tweaked it a bit to make it more to our taste. They also sent a great chart of the different mangos varieties imported to the US, they are always just labeled “mango” at the store, but now I know I recently bought some Hayden mangos.

Happy Cinco de Mango!


  1. Great drink and cute idea from the mango board!

  2. Happy Cinco de Mayo, I love the mango margarita!

  3. Mango ritas are terrific but I’ve only had them as over-priced restaurant drinks. Perhaps I can sneak a couple of them into the shopping cart tonight without the husband noticing 🙂

  4. Happy Cinco de Mayo- I love mangos and can’t wait to try this recipe. Like Shawnda, I never thought to try this at home.

  5. Sounds refreshing! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

  6. I could go for one right now!

  7. Looks mighty good, make mine a double.

  8. Dr. Soumya Bhat

    Hey now this is the best dirnk of the season.Looks great the yeooow rich juice..hmm

  9. Oooh! I’ve never been a huge fan of magaritas, but a mango margarita? Now that sounds like a winner~!

  10. I’ve been wondering whether you got one of those mango kits, with all your great mango recipes lately. I didn’t make the margaritas, but they do sound great!

  11. I posted on Cinco de Mayo too!
    I’m off to Margarita Grille… I bet they have peach margaritas.

  12. LOVE traditional margaritas and mangos.. can’t go wrong here!

  13. Tiene un buen Cinco de Mayo.

  14. More mango! Awesome!


  15. Too bad you can’t take credit for the name – too cool!

  16. Oh yum! And I just bought a box of Mangoes at the Market….
    hmmmmm! :)Me thinks a Mango-rita is in my future!

  17. Kalyn: actually, I’ve been cooking a lot with mango because we just bought a case of them for only $6 for 9 mangos! I got the Cinco de Mango box weeks ago and saved the post.

  18. Everyone else: let me know what you think, if you make them!

  19. Gattina Cheung

    Rachel, love it love it!!! Please hope I just stop at the 2nd glass!

  20. What a wonderful recipe! Good thing i have more mangos! Happy Cinco de Mayo! The ginger simple sugar is great! Thank you!!! 🙂