It was a Dark & Stormy Night Frosting

1 cup sugar
1/4 cup dark rum (Goslings)
2 egg whites
3 inch knob ginger, sliced
pinch salt

In a medium saucepan, bring sugar, ginger slices and rum to a boil, stirring occasionally. Continue to boil until it reaches soft ball stage (when a drop of the syrup forms a soft ball when dropped in cool water) while continuing to stir occasionally. Meanwhile, beat the egg whites and salt to soft peaks. Keep the mixer running (for best results you need a stand mixer or a friend to complete this next step) while you strain a continuous stream of the molten syrup into the egg whites. Add the food dye. Beat for about 5 minutes or until the frosting is fluffy, glossy and cool. Frost cooled cake.

My thoughts:

Perfect frosting for dark & stormy cupcakes. Or chocolate, rum or vanilla cake. Or eat it from a spoon.


  1. Um, I love you. This sounds delicious and I really wish I had it last night for our dark and storming storm. But since I didn't, here's hoping it stays dark and stormy through tonight!

  2. Rachael,
    This sounds amazing. I have just one question: when you say "strain", am I to assume you mean to remove the sliced ginger? I couldn't tell if there is bits of ginger in the frosting from the picture. Thanks, I've gotten so many compliments from using your recipes.

  3. Yes, I strained the sugar mixture into the bowl. There are no large slices of ginger in the frosting.

  4. Hi Rachel, I tried making the dark & stormy cupcakes last night, I had some extra and I put it in a covered tray on the counter, but the frosting was ruined. would it have turned out ok if I refrigerated it? Or does it all have to be consumed instantly.

  5. Amanda,
    I am sorry to hear that! I never refrigerate baked goods. I wouldn't recommend refrigerating this icing at all. I have made this type of icing dozens of times and it has always held up fine for a couple of days. On the third or fourth day it starts "deflate" but on day 1 & 2 it has always been fine.

    I have actually never had the problem you are describing and we almost always have cupcakes leftover. I store my cupcakes in a Tupperware cake/cupcake taker. It isn't air tight but maybe keeps out more air than just covering them would? It could also have something to do with the weather or temperature of your house. Or is it possible you over beat the icing? Sometimes that can make an icing dry out sooner because so much air has been whipped into it.