February 20, 2012

My new cookbook: Everything Whole Foods

I am happy to announce that my second solo cookbook, Everything Whole Foods is now available* and shipping from Amazon!

This book includes 300 ALL NEW recipes all using minimally processed ingredients like fresh meats, fruits and vegetables and whole grains.

Chapters include:
The Whole Foods Movement (explaining how and why to use whole ingredients)
Smoothies & Drinks
Breakfast & Brunch
Salads & Sandwiches
Dressings & Sauces
Soups, Stews & Chili
Side Dishes
Grains & Rice
Snacks & Appetizers
Ice Pops, Granitas & Sorbets
Plus: Online resources, a shopping list, weekly meal plan and a list of whole foods for healing

I am excited to see it in print and to share these recipes with you, my readers! Enjoy!

*The official release date is March 17th but it is shipping out this week from online retailers and should be in stores shortly.


  1. congrats! looks like my kind of cookbook.

  2. Congratulations! Can't wait to check it out. :)

  3. Congratulations, this looks fantastic! My kind of cooking!


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