January 08, 2006

A minor brush with fame...

I am quoted in the Washington Post in an article about copyright law and recipes. She actually paraphrased what I said, I am quoted as saying that if I add a few ingredients to an existing recipe it is mine and can be used without attribution of the source (which is true) but I also had pointed out that only the expository part of a recipe (the directions, introductions, etc) are copyrighted, the ingredients lists are not. At any rate, it's fun to be in a newspaper article about this blog!

The truth is that I rarely use a recipe when I bake or cook, I just seem to know how ingredients go together. I have read so many cookbooks and food related articles that figuring out how a come up with a recipe for what I want to make is intuitive. It is a rare time that I use an exact recipe to make a meal and when I do, I don't post it here. I think that many food bloggers do post recipes that they get from food magazines and cookbooks (and that's fine!) and most do post attributions. Which is only fair to the original author, no one likes to see their hard work going unnoticed or worse yet, being attributed to someone else.