Mango Lassi

1 mango, cubed (should be about 1 cup)
1 cup plain yogurt
1/3 cup milk
simple syrup

Place the mango, yogurt, milk and simple syrup to taste in a blender. Pulse until smooth. Serve cold. Optional: sprinkle with salt, tumeric or cardamon.

Yield: 2 glasses

My thoughts:

Timmy fell in the well again! Oh, wait, this is a refreshing Indian drink, not a collie with a heart of gold. Well, either one is good in pinch, but only one will cool you off on a hot day. I’ll leave it to you to decide which one you’d rather have.


  1. I have been drinking mango lassi like crazy lately! It’s rare that I can get a good mango around here but I buy canned mango pulp imported from India and it’s a great substitute. Lately I started pouring the mango pulp into ice cube trays, freezing them, and then keeping a plastic bag full of ‘mango cubes’ in the freezer 🙂

  2. Thanks for reminding us, mango lassi’s are the best. I’ve been thinking of doing a taste test to see if we could taste the difference between fresh mangoes, frozen mangoes and the bottled mango nectar. And perhaps sugar vs honey, as well. Will let you know how we do!

  3. Do you think lassie was pushing Timmy in the well and thereby making sure he was cool on a hot day and Lassie got lots of attention? Sounds good — I always get one of these at the local Indian restaurant

  4. Every time we go out for Indian food with a certain couple friend of ours they always order Lassi’s then complain that my wife ordered wine when we get the bill (despite the Lassi costing more than the wine). Ug! lol

  5. I just love lassi. I don’t really go for the mango one. Me, I prefer the sweet rosewater ones without fruit in ’em. I love Indian pickled mango, though.

  6. I hope that you all know that the drink is pronounced “Lus-sie”, NOT like the name of the dog on the TV show!

    I grew up drinking mango lassis (yes, I’m Indian) and the best way to make them is with canned alphonso mango pulp. Alphonsos have finally been allowed into this country, and they are very different from the mangos we get here from Mexico and elsewhere – they are sweeter and more flowery and are insanely delicious.

    You can find Alphonso mango pulp at any Indian grocery store. This is the most widely available (and best, in my opinion) brand:

  7. I know, cupcake, I was just making a joke! Thanks for the tip.

  8. My friend is making me an Indian feast tomorrow, and I’m going to make this for dessert! Yum yum!

  9. I have been making lassi since the age of 7. Yes I am Pakistani.

    Try Pakistani mangoes (namely chaunsa or any other mango from Pakistan) they are unbelievaby the best you have ever tasted.