1. Ok for hard boiled eggs, but I prefer soft-boiled eggs. Place eggs in a temperature controlled water bath at exactly 65C for 45 minutes. Roll the eggs frequently to ensure that the yolk is centred. Perfect! But you must source quality free-range eggs and keep them refrigerated before cooking.

  2. You can’t make deviled eggs with soft boiled eggs!

  3. I use this method, but I only let the egg sit for 7 minutes. As just a hard-boiled egg to eat plain, I like the yolk to be a little softer — not soft-boiled, just soft.

    And eggs taste so much better in Japan than in the U.S.! I think it has to do with the chickens’ diets: lots of seaweed, sesame seeds and other things with lots of omega-3s. Yum.

  4. Apologies Rachel – it was my wicked sense of humour. Just the thought of someone breaking into an egg with a really firm white and a completely runny yolk. I take it back. Happy cooking, happy eating, happy Easter!

  5. I was just teasing, Trig!

  6. This method is excellent!