Chocolate Fondue for Two

6 oz semi sweet chocolate
3 tablespoons milk
1 tablespoon rum

In the microwave or double boiler**, heat all ingredients until the chocolate is soft and melted. Remove from heat and allow to sit about 2 minutes. Stir to form a thick sauce. Decant into a bowl or a small fondue pot with a candle beneath to keep warm. Serve immediately with chunks of banana, strawberries, marshmallow, pineapple chunks, pound cake etc. When you near the bottom of the pot, take care as the chocolate will be positively molten.

*A good variation is to use flavored chocolate bars. I just used two of the signature bars from NYC’s Chocolate Bar.

**If you have a large fondue pot with a good heat source (i.e. a sterno or fondue fuel burner rather than just a candle) you can do this in your fondue pot. It is slightly faster via stove top or microwave though.

My thoughts:

I have a large fondue pot with a strong flame but it always seems like such a hassle to set up just for a tiny dessert for two. So I bought this Jonathan Adler/Chocolate Bar mini fondue pot which is just perfect for two (or even four) people to have a little dessert. The bottom comes off and you can stick a tealight in there, which keeps the fondue surprisingly warm. I wouldn’t recommend trying to melt the chocolate to make the fondue via candle, but by the end, the chocolate was bubbling and quite hot. If you don’t have a fondue pot, you can serve it in a bowl, but you have to eat quickly, before it hardens.


  1. what a cute gadget for those who don’t fondue enough to get a set!

  2. oh i saw that little set. but really, fondue for 2… how about 1! 😉

  3. Connie: fondue for one is fun! I’d make less though, even this little bit made a tiny bit too much for the two of us.

  4. I love fondue but hate the washing up! I always dream about owning one of those huge chocolate fountains too!

  5. I’ve seen this set too…seems like the perfect alternative!

  6. I hate to sound bourgeois, but a microwave is great for fondue for one or two. One of my favorites is to melt a Milky Way Dark in the microwave, stir and then dip in fresh cherries…