Waffled Italian Tortilla Bites

10 Mission Flour Soft Taco tortillas
1/2 lb thinly sliced turkey breast
1/4 lb thinly sliced lean capicola
1/4 lb thinly sliced smoked provolone
1/4 cup olive spread (prepared*)

Heat standard (not Belgian!) waffle iron. Meanwhile, spread 5 tortillas with olive spread. Top with a single layer of turkey then a single layer of capicola then a layer of provolone. Top with remaining tortillas. Place in waffle irons, one at a time, and cook until warmed through and lightly browned. Repeat for remaining tortillas. Quarter and serve hot or at room temperature.

*I buy this at our local Italian store. You can make your own by finely mincing pimento-stuffed green olives and mixing with olive oil until spreadable

My thoughts:

Italian tortillas! What? I was inspired by the ubiquitous tortilla pinwheels I see so often this time of year on blogs and in magazines. I took it to the next level by crisping them in the waffle iron and using my favorite capicola and olive spread. The result is oddly satisfying; lighter than a finger sandwich but the turkey, capicola, and cheese pack quite a bit of protein. The waffle iron created little notches in the bread so it held together better than a traditional quesadilla or panini pressed tortilla sandwich would. Perfect for a heavy apps holiday party with lots of mingling.

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  1. You are a genius.