January 22, 2008

Sweet & Pickle-y Red Cabbage

1 medium to large sized red cabbage, thinly sliced
4 tablespoons butter
3 tablespoon light brown sugar
3/4 cup balsamic vinegar
1 teaspoon salt

Melt the butter in a large pot . Add cabbage and sprinkle with salt. Saute until it is just beginning to wilt, about 8 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add the sugar and vinegar, stir to coat evenly. Reduce heat and cover Cook an additional 30 minutes or until the cabbage has cooked down considerably and is very tender.

My thoughts:
Normally I would shred the cabbage, but as my thumb now sports a large scar from a tragic sauerkraut making mishap, thinly slicing seemed safer. Either method would work though. My favorite dish to serve with with is sauerbrauten (recipe currently in creation) but I made a roasted chicken tonight and served it with that instead. Yum. I love pickly foods.


  1. Yummy! That sounds delicious and easy!

  2. I would definitely try it, because I love acidic/pickly things.
    My mom HATES vinegar, so I was raised without having vinegar at all. I'm making up for it now, though. Salad dressing galore!

  3. Red cabbage has always been one of my all time favoite vegetables & this pickle-y variety is one I shall try!

  4. Mmm....I put in a couple of whole cloves. The house smells womderful.

  5. I love red cabbage and paired with balsamic...heavenly!


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