Turkey Capicola Wraps with Chipolte & Avocado

4 spinach vegetable wrappers
1- 1 1/2 tablespoons chipotle mayonnaise*
1/4 lb baby arugula
2/3 lb sliced roasted turkey breast
1/3 lb lean capicola
4 slices provolone cheese
2 avocados

Prepare the wraps according to package instructions. I heated mine for 15 seconds in a dry skillet. Spread a thin layer of chipotle mayo in the center of each wrap. Top with arugula. Mash 1/2 of an avocado onto each wrap over the arugula, spreading it out as evenly as possible. Top with a slice of cheese then a layer of turkey, then capicola. Fold the sides of the wrap towards the middle then roll the wrap from the bottom to the top, keeping the sides tucked in as you go.

*I bought this at Baltimore’s McCormick World of Flavors (Well worth a stop if you are in town, there is a huge selection of national and international McCormick products at price at or less than what I’ve found at the supermarket) but I’ve also seen it at regular grocery stores that have a good Mexican food section. Or make your own by folding come chopped chipotle in adobo in plain mayonnaise.

My thoughts:

As my husband works from home while recovering from his knee surgery, I find myself trying to make new and interesting things for lunch. Typically we eat leftovers or I fend for myself and Matt likes his rice cooker meals a lot so what to eat for lunch isn’t much of an issue. Lately, however, I’ve been scrambling for lunches because not every dinner yields a leftover, we’re both here and hungry, Matt hasn’t been mobile to make his rice dishes and his doctors’ appointments and physical therapy appointments have been taking up a quite a bit of time during the day. Last week I drove to our local Italian grocery after dropping him off at his appointment and picked up sandwiches to eat for that day (I knew we’d be too hungry to wait to make lunch by the time we got home) and ingredients to make wrap sandwiches for the next couple days when I knew we’d need lunch and a tiny bit more time. I already had some of the ingredients at home so I just picked up the provolone, my favorite capicola and what is quite possibly the best roasted turkey from the deli I’ve ever had. It is like actual slices of turkey, not that gross processed stuff and I swear it picks up extra deliciousness from being in the same deli fridge as all of these imported Italian goodies. I wasn’t sure if these cuisine defying ingredients would all work (chipotle + avocado make sense but those two plus arugula + capicola?) but they really did. The wrap had that perfect balance of spice, creaminess and crispness that I feel so many wraps miss. It isn’t a glamorous lunch but it is a very, very good one.


  1. Slavqna Tepedeleneva

    Beatiful food!

  2. Bree {Skinny Mommy}

    Looks like the perfect lunch!