Grilled Brussels Sprouts with Red Grapes and Goat Cheese


1 1/4 lb Brussels sprouts, halved
1 lb red grapes
1 red onion, cut into quarter moons, 1/4-inch slices
1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
1/4 cup corn oil
freshly ground black pepper

2-3 oz soft, crumbled goat cheese (optional)


Place all ingredients in a medium bowl and toss to evenly distribute all ingredients. Prepare a charcoal grill according to manufacturers’ instructions.

Place the vegetable mixture in a grill basket (I use this one) and cook, turning occasionally until the vegetables are fork-tender, about 10-20 minutes. Pour back into the original bowl and toss again. Garnish with cheese. Serve immediately.

Tip: if your sprouts are very large, quarter them vs halving

My thoughts:

The day we grilled this, it was simultaneously very humid, very sunny and pouring down rain. Then an hour or so later it was clear enough to bust out the grill. The weather of this summer has been driving me insane. I bought two big bags of fancy charcoal back in May and we’ve barely put a dent in one.

A local restaurant has a Brussels sprouts dish that is always on the menu in some form or on the other. The original was super dark roasted Brussels sprouts, grapes, saba (a grape must reduction), and lardons. It’s very good (even though I don’t generally like fruit in savory dishes) and I’ve always wanted to recreate it. I finally did but with a twist. Instead of bacon, I gave it a smoky flavor by grilling it. If you leave off the cheese, it makes a great vegan side. The sprouts and onions caramelize quickly and the grapes get soft and juicy. It’s really an amazing mix of flavors and textures.

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