Matcha Marshmallows

1/2 oz. unflavored powdered gelatin*
1/2 cup cold water
2 cups granulated sugar
2/3 cup corn syrup**
1/4 cup water
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon matcha powder
Confectioners’ sugar for dredging


In a large bowl, sprinkle gelatin over 1/2 cup cold water. Allow to seep for 10 minutes. In a medium saucepan, combine sugar, corn syrup, and 1/4 cup water. Bring to a vigorous boil and boil for 1 minute. Pour boiling syrup into gelatin and mix at high speed for 1 minute. Add the salt and matcha and beat for 12 minutes. Oil your hands and a spatula and scrape into a 11″ x 7″ pan*** lined with oiled plastic wrap or sprayed with cooking spray and spread evenly. After pouring marshmallow mixture into the pan, take another piece of oiled plastic wrap and press firmly on the top, oil side down, to smooth the marshmallow. Allow to rest 3 hours. Invert the pan into plate full of confectioners’ sugar and dredge the marshmallow through. Remove and cut into pieces with kitchen sheers or a knife. Dredge each piece of marshmallow in confectioners’ sugar. Store in an air tight container.

Note: Instead of dredging in plain confectioners’ sugar, dredge in a 20/80 mixture of matcha and confectioners’ sugar.

*1/2 oz. gelatin is equal to 2 packets Knox unflavored gelatin

**I like to use corn syrup made without high-fructose syrup. Oddly, I find it most frequently at Asian markets. Also make sure that the corn syrup does not have vanilla added.

***Depending on how thick you want your marshmallows, you might want to keep a second, smaller pan (like a loaf pan) handy for overflow.

My thoughts:

Okay, I already thought marshmallow making was magic-you can’t beat molten sugar turning in to a fluffy treat in just a few minutes for pure cooking alchemy- but these matcha marshmallows are a revelation. They have a wonderful green tea flavor without being overwhelming or medicinal. I didn’t add food dye so they are just the faintest of green, but if you wanted a more verdant green, a couple of drops of food dye would do the trick. They are great to eat out of hand, melted on cupcakes (instead of icing!) in dark chocolate s’mores and in hot chocolate.

Matcha is now readily available from many online merchants including Amazon .


  1. Homemade marshmallows! I love homemade marshmallows! These look heavenly.

    I too like to use corn syrup without the high fructose corn syrup. I get mine at My Organic Market, but I think the closest one of those to you is in Jessup. I think the one I use has vanilla added in though. I’ll have to see if I can find a local Asian market.

  2. Homemade marshmallows have been a revelation to me: I never knew I liked them til I had the homemade variety. Now I am addicted, and these look incredible.

  3. Wow, they are beautiful. That may have to be my next project.


  4. I have never had a homemade marshmallow–these look so great.

  5. I just started to make marshmallows recently. I will never eat store bought ones again. I love adding different flavorings, like violet, or raspberry, or orange.

  6. all I can say is….holy cow! Homemade marshmallows have changed my life this year (and probably my waistline)…how did I ever live without them?

  7. Whooooa. Although slightly green they look very nice. I have never tried those at home, but you convinced me. 🙂 I’ll try them soon

  8. Sounds like a fabulous combination of flavors, and I love the light green hue!

  9. Thanks so much for this recipe. I have a ton of matcha powder because I drink this tea every morning, and marshmallows are my favorite candy. I just ordered a bunch of flavors from which are superb, but I’m even more excited about making and eating my own.

  10. Jessy and her dog Winnie

    Ooo i love homemade marshmallows! They taste so much better than the prepackaged stuff.

  11. I have yet to try matcha. Your marshmallows look perfect & I like your serving suggestions, too!

  12. Very cool.
    Saw your Pantry on Perfect Pantry….nice.
    Mine’s going up on Saturday if you want
    to take a peek.

  13. Interesting!

  14. Wow! Homemade marshmallows. I had heard of making them before, I may just have to give it a try. 🙂

  15. Last christmas I made homemade chocolate covered campfire marshmallows–that is homemade but slightly burnt. And, I have done sweet extracts, but I love the idea of matcha.

  16. Q: do these taste more ‘matcha’ or more ‘marshmallow’? Interesting idea. Would be good as mini marshmallows on chocolate ice cream.

  17. Hey Elaine: I’d say about 50/50. Very clear matcha flavor but the texture and sweetness of a marshmallow.

  18. The pale green color of those marshmallows is just beautiful.

    I enjoy drinking matcha lattes now that Starbucks got me hooked on them!

  19. Hi there..your marshmallow looookkk ammmaaazzziinnngg!! i am just wondering how long will it last? Because i am thinking of sending it to my friends overseas and it could take almost a mth before they receive it…thanks..

  20. Those were some wonderful marshmallows you brought to the show Saturday, Rachel. Yum! Again, good meeting y’all!

  21. Kelly Loy Gilbert

    These look so delicious! I am thinking of making them as wedding favors. Do you have any idea how long they keep? (Or did you eat them all that day?? I probably would’ve.)

  22. Kelly-In an air tight container, they will keep for a week, maybe more.

  23. I recently got hooked on Yogen Früz matcha green tea frozen yogurt and thought about using matcha in other things like marshmallows. When I searched online for tips I found your post.

    I was also interested in trying the lesser amount of gelatin although I did keep the vanilla from the French Laundry recipe.

    So thanks for the post. They're wonderful and I'm making a second batch tomorrow!

  24. Marcy
    I don't know what the French Laundry recipe is but I am glad you enjoyed them!