Jammy Ice Cream Soda

8 oz seltzer or club soda
1 large scoop vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt
1 1/2 tablespoons jam (I used strawberry thyme)

Spoon the jam into the bottom of a tall glass. Pour in the sparkling water. Top with ice cream. Stir lightly with a long spoon. Serve with a straw and drink immediately.

Serves one.

My thoughts:

I’m still working my way through the jam, pickles, fruit ketchup, fruit butter and barbecue sauce I canned last year. I’ve been using jam in place of syrup on things like pancakes and waffles and it got me to thinking of other syrupy ways to use jam. I love ice cream sodas. Different than a float, which is made with soda, and easier than milkshakes they combine ice cream and syrup with one of my favorite beverages: sparkling water. This means they are lighter and I think more refreshing than other ice cream based drinks. Adding the jam gives it a fresh fruity flavor that is much tastier (and I’d bet, better for you) than using those garishly colored, artificially flavored fruit syrups they sell. Yum.

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